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Term 3

Term 3, and we are looking forward to another busy, fun learning-filled ten weeks. The first day of term included our first PrEP session (Primary Enterprise Programme). “In a PrEP community, students will: Form their own government Run ventures in such professions as performing arts, publishing, community services, manufacturing and banking Design and produce a school-based currency, with one venture providing a banking service Have a market places to buy and sell goods and services. Through their exchange of goods and services they create jobs…

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Farewells & Celebrations

The end of Term 3 turned out to be the end of an era at Carterton School as we farewelled two long-term members of staff. ┬áBoth John Le Grice and Michael O’Connell have retired after many years of service both in our school and other schools around the country. The students planned and presented certificates, items and cards to them both. We also had family members, friends and past staff come to our special event to farewell them. We wish them both a long and…

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Fun Friday

It is always a busy time at Carterton School but the last two weeks of term have been especially busy – and also a lot of fun. Last week we had ‘Fun Friday’. The PTA provided the whole school with a saugage sizzle, a lolly scramble and we had a free mufti day, with many people choosing to dress up. During our school assembly the teachers paraded and some ‘naughty children (teachers)’caused a bit of a problem. We also had a visit from Sparky who…

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