Carterton School
BOT Vacancy

 Carterton School BOT vacancy

26 September 2014


There is a vacancy on the Carterton School Board of Trustees.

The Board would like to hear from community members who are interested in taking up a position on the Board.

To inform your decision our ‘Board of Trustees Code of Behaviour and ‘Roles and Responsibilities of Board Members’ are available on our school web site

If you are interested in becoming a member of the BOT please submit a written ‘expression of interest’ (250 word max) outlining why you would like to be on the board and what skills and abilities you feel you could bring to the group.

This should be at the school office, addressed to:

Jim Green, BOT chairperson by 3pm Wednesday 15 October.

When the Board has reviewed the expressions of interest they will decide how to fill the vacancy (either by ‘selection or by election.)



Pp Jim Green, BOT Chairperson 



Board Roles and Responsibilities Policy – Carterton School


The board of trustees’ key areas of contribution are focused on four outcome areas:






Employer Role



The board

The Standards

1.         Sets the strategic direction and long-term plans and monitors the board’s progress against them

1.1        The board leads the annual charter review process

1.2        The board sets/reviews the strategic aims by November BOT Meeting 

1.3        The board approves the annual plan and targets and ensures the Charter is submitted to the Ministry of Education (MoE) by 1 March each year

1.4        Regular board meetings include a report on progress towards achieving strategic aims

1.5        The Charter is the basis for all board decision making

2.         Monitors and evaluates student progress and achievement


2.1        The board approves an annual review schedule covering curriculum and student progress and achievement reports  

2.2        Reports at each regular board meeting, from principal, on progress against annual plan, highlight risk/success

2.3        Targets in the annual plan are met, the curriculum policy is implemented and there is satisfactory performance of curriculum priorities

3.         Appoints, assesses the performance of and supports the principal

4.1        Principal’s performance management system in place and implemented

4.         Approves the budget and monitors financial management of the school

5.1        Budget approved by the first meeting each year

5.2        Satisfactory performance of school against budget

5.         Effectively manages risk


6.1        The board has an effective governance model in place

6.2        The board remains briefed on internal/external risk environments and takes action where necessary

6.3        The board identifies 'trouble spots' in statements of audit and takes action if necessary

6.3        The board ensures the principal reports on all potential and real risks when appropriate and takes appropriate action

6.         Ensures compliance with legal requirements


7.1        New members have read and understood the governance framework including policies, the school charter, board induction pack and requirements and expectations of board members

7.2        New and continuing members have kept aware of any changes in legal and reporting requirements for the school. Board has sought appropriate advice when necessary

7.3        Accurate minutes of all board meetings, approved by board and signed by chair

7.4        Individual staff/student matters are always discussed in public excluded session

7.5        Board meetings have a quorum

7.         Ensures trustees attend board meetings and take an active role

8.1        Board meetings are effectively run

8.2        Trustees attend board meetings having read board papers and reports and are ready to discuss them

8.3        Attendance at 80% of meetings (min.)

8.4        No unexplained absences at board meetings (3 consecutive absences without prior leave result in immediate step down) Refer Education Act 1989, s104 (1) (c)

8.         Approves major policies and programme initiatives


9.1        Approve programme initiatives as per policies

9.2        The board monitors implementation of programme initiatives

9.         Fulfils the intent of the Treaty of Waitangi by valuing and reflecting New Zealand’s dual cultural heritage


10.1      The Treaty of Waitangi is obviously considered in board decisions

10.2      The board, principal and staff are culturally responsive and inclusive

10.        Approves and monitors human resource policy/procedures which ensures effective practice and contribute to its responsibilities as a good employer


11.1      Becomes and remains familiar with the broad employment conditions which cover employees (i.e. Staff employment agreements and arrangements)

11.2      Ensures there are personnel policies in place and that they are adhered to e.g. Code of Conduct

11.3      Ensures there is ongoing monitoring and review of all personnel policies

11.        Deals with disputes and conflicts referred to the board as per the school’s concerns and complaints procedures

12.1      Successful resolution of any disputes and conflicts referred

12.        Represents the school in a positive, professional manner

13.1      Code of behaviour adhered to

13.        Oversees, conserves and enhances the resource base

14.1      Property/resources meet the needs of the student achievement aims

14.        Effectively hands over governance to new board/trustees at election time

15.1      New trustees provided with governance manual and induction

15.2      New trustees fully briefed and able to participate following attendance at an orientation programme

15.3      Appropriate delegations are in place as per s66 Education Act

15.3      Board and trustees participate in appropriate professional development



Carterton School


Trustees’ Code of Behaviour Policy


The board is committed to ethical conduct in all areas of its responsibilities and authority. Trustees shall:


  1. Maintain and understand the values and goals of the school
  2. Ensure the needs of all students and their achievement is paramount
  3. Be loyal to the school and its mission
  4. Publicly represent the school in a positive manner
  5. Respect the integrity of the principal and staff
  6. Observe the confidentiality of non-public information acquired in their role as a trustee and not disclose to any other persons such information that might be harmful to the school
  7. Be diligent and attend board meetings prepared for full and appropriate participation in decision making
  8. Ensure that individual trustees do not act independently of the board’s decisions
  9. Speak with one voice through its adopted policies and ensure that any disagreements with the board’s stance are resolved within the board
  10. Avoid any conflicts of interest with respect to their fiduciary responsibility
  11. Recognise the lack of authority in any individual trustee or committee/working party of the board in any interaction with the principal or staff
  12. Recognise that only the chair (working within the board’s agreed chair role description or delegation) or a delegate working under written delegation, can speak for the board
  13. Continually self-monitor their individual performance as trustees against policies and any other current board evaluation tools
  14. Be available to undertake appropriate professional development



I, _________________________have read and understood this Code of Behaviour Policy and agree to follow and abide by it to the best of my ability.









Newsletters are usually sent home every Tuesday. You may choose to have a paper copy brought home, by the youngest child in your family, or have them emailed. Please arrange the email option at the school office.

They will also be posted on our Newsletter Blog.  Here


Carterton School Enrolment Scheme

In order to avoid overcrowding, or the likelihood of overcrowding, the Board of Trustees of Carterton School has adopted an enrolment scheme which has been approved by The Ministry of Education.

Under this scheme, students will be enrolled if they live within the home zone described below. (This is an abbreviated description of the enrolment scheme.)

Northern boundary - Mangatarere Valley Road in zone, Mt Holdsworth Road not in zone.

North East – Tea Creek Road in zone, Parkers Road not in zone. Chester Road in zone to Wiltons Road. Chester Park Drive in zone, Wiltons Road not in zone.

East of SH2 - Hughes Line, Perry’s Road South & Bristol Road to intersection with East Taratahi Road in zone. East Taratahi Road not in zone.

Carters Line in zone up to intersection with Moreton Road, Nix Road & Para Road.

Southern boundary is Richmond Road and Rexwood Street (both in zone). Addresses on roads to south off Richmond Road are not in zone. Numbers 195 (odd side) and 198 (even side) and above on High Street South are not in zone.

South west – boundary crosses Lincoln Road. 54 and below (even side) in zone. 99 and below (odd side) in zone. Both sides of Belvedere Road in zone.

The enrolment of out of zone pupils is governed by the provision of the Education Act 1989.

The enrolment scheme, which includes a precise description of the home zone, may be viewed at the school office, where copies of the scheme are also available.


Join us at the Breakfast Club!

To help give our students a great start to the day and energy to power their education, we're happy to be running the Breakfast Club, Mondays and Thursdays 8.15 - 8.45 am!

Many thanks to our sponsors who allow us to offer Weetbix, Milo, toast, jam, stewed fruit and honey.  We are able to offer breakfast with the help of Sanitarium, Fonterra, Wild Oats, The Secret Garden – Martinborough, and Puketiro Farm.


Thank you also to the adults who give their time voluntarily to help supervise the breakfasts.  Next week we will extend breakfast choices to include toast!


Carterton School proposed enrolment scheme

To all parents and caregivers,

Earlier this year the Ministry of Education notified the Carterton School Board of Trustees that there will be, or could be, overcrowding in the school unless an enrolment scheme applies.

The Board was instructed to begin the process of developing an enrolment scheme in accordance with Section 11 H of the Education Act 1989.

Details about the proposed home zone are available in this letter (pdf, 1.3Mb)

Read More


150th Jubilee celebrations a huge success!


Carterton School's 150th Jubilee weekend was a huge success, with over 400 registered attendees and more who dropped by for a look!

Congratulations and thanks to the Jubilee Comittee and to all the volunteers and helpers who made Carterton's 150th celebrations such a success! We trust all who came along had a brilliant time catching up with friends, teachers and students. Do let us know if you have suggestions for the 200th celebration!

Attendees who are interested in Graeme Bowden's photos from the weekend can find them here.


Student writing on the website

We're featuring Student Writing on our website, beginning with a short story by Lydia M. and a poem by Claude F.

Read them here.


Updated Behaviour Management system

The website has been updated with the latest review of the Behaviour Management system.

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School uniform information and costs

You can read about the uniform information here and uniform costs here.