Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to our wonderful school. You will find Carterton School offers children a wide range of opportunities to develop academically, socially, culturally and creatively. The whole school community works as a team to develop these skills and we look forward to your involvement in this process.

Our Board of Trustees regularly review our school charter. This is our guiding document, which outlines the direction the school will take in the coming 3-5 years. Many families helped us to reflect on the direction of Carterton School at the end of 2014. The main direction set in the past was reinforced, but more emphasis has now been placed on reflecting our student’s languages, identity and cultures in everything we do.

The key values underpinning our strategic goals across the school are:
Innovation & Inquiry

Our strategic goals are:
*To focus on ensuring that all students achieve to the best of their academic ability, as evidenced by progress and achievement in relation to National Standards and school focus areas.
*To further enhance our positive learning environment where students’ languages, identities and cultures are supported and celebrated.
*To develop students who are enthusiastic, contributing members of society who have a connection with their environment and the global community.

We have developed six ‘trees of learning’ which symbolise the areas we focus on as learners throughout the school. These are…
Carterton School learners (this includes students and adults):
Are respectful
Strive for excellence
Are motivated learners
Are effective communicators
Are connected to their community and environment
Are effective team members
Our Trees of Learning underpin everything we do, and apply to all children and adults in our school.

In 2016 our main curriculum professional development focus continues in writing and we will be reviewing aspects of Maths. Improving student achievement will continue to be the driving force behind all we do.
We are also involved in the local Learning and Change Network, a professional learning initiative to link home and school, teachers, whanau and students. Our focus is on Developing collaborative relationships to enhance learning. We are also continue to develop closer links with Ngāti Kahungunu, and we are supporting the development of their Education Strategy.

Following community consultation the Board is determined to develop further links with local community groups and to bring the life experiences our students have out of school into school. We will be focusing on making links with our families’ identity, languages and culture. This focus will include teacher and student learning in Te Reo Māori, which will continue to be brought to the classrooms. With our two Akonga Māori classes, which base learning around te ao Māori, we have an innovative and ground breaking way to meet the needs of a specific group of our students.

Our kapa haka group has become well known in the local community, and we will be participating in the Wairarapa Schools Kapahaka Festival later in the year.

This year we have become digitally ‘one to one’ in our senior classes. All students in Team Kahikatea have access to a Chrome book to support their learning. The devices provide connections to learning way beyond the classroom walls and engage the students in a wide range of learning opportunities.

During Term 1 Rooms 13 & 14 will be refurbished in line with Ministry of Education latest designs. Our classrooms are all becoming more flexible learning spaces, with a range of learning areas and furniture to meet the needs of a wide range of learning styles. You are always welcome to come in and see how they work.

Special extension opportunities will be provided for gifted and talented students in a range of areas this year.
A huge strength of our school is the extensive outdoor education programme the children are offered, ranging from local visits to day tramps and 5 day challenging camps. This year we are linking with Kuranui College to offer our senior students termly challenges.

Continuing in 2016 will be the Perceptual Motor Programme for juniors and a wonderful after school care facility offers child care in our school hall.

Carterton School will continue to organise Wairarapa wide events and there will be full involvement in a wide range of inter-school events to nurture the skills and talents of our high achievers.

We have a genuine Open Door policy – you can come to all classrooms or activities. Please sign in and out at the office.

The school has an enrolment scheme in place. For details come to the school office.

We have lots of fun and we would love you to be part of it in this great learning environment.

Alison Woollard