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Pet Day Entries 2018

Pet Day is coming up once again – one of our favourite days of the year! If your child is intending to bring a pet, please use the form on this page. If you have more than one child, you can submit the form more than once.  Children in one family can share a pet, but it is not really practical for one child to bring more than one pet. Please note that there are no calves at Pet Day this year. If you require…

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Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety at Home & School                                   At Carterton School we work to ensure that your children are safe using the Internet. We are part of Ministry of Education systems which automatically filter inappropriate sites and searches. Students who work on 1:1 Chromebooks are also closely monitored using the Teacher Dashboard app. Thankfully, we seldom have incidents where students use the Internet inappropriately at school. If it does happen, we…

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