Term 3

Term 3, and we are looking forward to another busy, fun learning-filled ten weeks.

The first day of term included our first PrEP session (Primary Enterprise Programme).


“In a PrEP community, students will:

  • Form their own government
  • Run ventures in such professions as performing arts, publishing, community services, manufacturing and banking
  • Design and produce a school-based currency, with one venture providing a banking service
  • Have a market places to buy and sell goods and services.

Through their exchange of goods and services they create jobs for one another. Students earn an income for their work, then make decisions about personal consumption, saving and investing. They also pay taxes to support their own government.

The market system promotes exchange opportunities between students and allows for the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services in the school society. Through their learning experiences, students develop the understandings, skills, competencies, and attributes that equip them to be innovative and entrepreneurial.”  (Young Enterprise Trust)

Students from Years 3-8 completed job applications at the end of Term 2 and have been appointed to ventures, mixed up around the school. Younger students will take part in their own classes and participate on market Day.

Term 3 is also the time of some major challenges for our senior students. As well as continuing their EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom) programme, the Year 8 students are in training for the Powell Hut challenge later in the term. This has become a tradition over many years and leads to a huge feeling of achievement for those involved.

Powell Hut