Carterton School is a  Full Primary School with 13 full time classroom teachers and a number of part-time teachers. The school has a non-teaching Principal, a Deputy Principal and Team Leaders. There are a number of Teacher Aides (usually 6-8), an Office Secretary and an Administration Manager as well as a Caretaker and Cleaning staff.

The school roll fluctuates from about 300 to 350 students. There are school buses for rural children, but most children come from within the town boundaries.

The Board of Trustees are an elected group of parent representatives plus a teacher representative and the Principal. Finance and Property sub-committees are constantly at work. This group are active in the school and go about their governance with a great deal of enthusiasm.

The School PTA are a small but committed group who work with dedication to ensure the school is well equipped and able to assist the Board with major projects (e.g. the new pavements, electronics, supporting student trips etc). The Gala in March is the major fund raising activity for the year.

Parents are welcome to contact class teachers at any time and especially if they feel there is a problem. There will be a written report and work samples sent home twice a year after which there is opportunity for Teacher/Parent/Student conferences.

Carterton School has an open door policy for whanau. We welcome and need the talents, support and help of whanau in the following ways – in the classroom, the library, for trips, camps and outdoor education, for extracurricular activities, clubs and events, coaching teams, providing transport, as part of its PTA or Board of Trustees and to fundraise.