Health & Fitness

Medications at School

Apart from Asthma Inhalers all other medications are to be held at the school office. Please arrange this by discussing with the Office Secretary. On-going medications require the completion of a medication form at the office.

Infectious Diseases

Children who have an infectious disease may be required to stay at home. Immunisations can prevent Hepatitis B, Measles, Rubella and Whooping Cough. For further information parents are asked to contact their Doctor or Public Health Nurse, Judi Harding who is on site each Thursday.

Smoking Policy

Carterton School is a smoke-free school and there is strictly no smoking on the school premises. We request that everyone observes this policy, 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week including at events such as Galas, Sports Days, Pet Day etc.

Dental Therapists

The Mobile Dental Clinic visit school at some stage every year. If your child require dental care at any other time, please contact the school office for assistance. The present school arrangement is that most children are seen annually but some are recalled earlier if necessary.


Swimming lessons are an important part of the class Physical Education programme. We start swimming in February and continue into March. The Carterton Town Pool is often used by Middle and Senior School classes. The Carterton Swimming Club’s Indoor Pool is also used. The school swimming sports is always a popular annual event.

Daily Fitness

The school operates a daily fitness programme, with Jump Jam and fitness run at 8.55 am on 3 days. This is an important part of Physical Education and all children are expected to participate.