Healthy Food


Carterton School provides a lunch order system from Istanbul Café Tuesday to Thursday with a Sausage Sizzle on Fridays. Price lists are available from the School Office. Lunch Orders are to be written on the outside of an envelope (please include the exact lunch money) along with the student’s name and room number and delivered to the school office before 8.55 am. The Friday Sausage Sizzle money is to go to the lunch monitors before 8.55 am. Frozen juices may also be sold on Friday at the sausage sizzle.

Children waiting to receive lunches from parents must do so by remaining in the school grounds. ALL children must sit down to eat lunch between 12.00-12.15 pm approximately, in the designated area.
If a child is to go home for lunch the parent should send a note to the teacher in the morning.

On fine days ALL children are to remain outside during the lunch break unless children are specifically working with the teacher’s permission in a classroom. On wet days children eat their lunch in their rooms or on verandahs, supervised by their teacher, until dismissed.

Breakfast Club

To help give our students a great start to the day and energy to power their education, we’re happy to be running the Breakfast Club, Mondays and Thursdays 8.15 – 8.45 am.

Many thanks to our sponsors who allow us to offer Weetbix, Milo, toast, jam, stewed fruit and honey.  We are able to offer breakfast with the help of Sanitarium, Fonterra, Wild Oats, The Secret Garden – Martinborough, and Puketiro Farm.

FonterraFonterra Milk for Schools

Through the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme, all NE – Yr 6 student receive free milk. It even comes chilled and is enjoyed by most children everyday.