Personal Property

Lost Property

We ask for all property to be clearly named so items can be returned to the owner.
Unnamed items are collected and held in Lost Property. Non-school clothing will be donated to charity at the end of each term. Unclaimed school clothing may be donated to the uniform shop if appropriate for re-sale.

What Not to Bring to School

Children are not allowed to bring chewing gum, cigarettes/tobacco, alcohol, banned substances, weapons (including knives or pocket knives) to school at any time.

Valuables at School

Children should not bring valuables to school (including money). While the school or teachers may, under certain conditions, accept articles/money for custody, the school cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Cell phones and other digital devices should be handed in to the Class Teacher at the beginning of the school day. These will only be used for school tasks as seen appropriate by teachers. The care and responsibility of electronic devices is covered in the

Property Damage

Damage to school property is a direct cost to the school. Where there is obvious negligence by the pupil the school will seek payment for repairs from the parents. This particularly applies to broken windows.