Student Safety, Attendance & Travel

Pupil Security & Attendance

Carterton School makes every effort to account for every child enrolled every school day. Continual absence makes it difficult for children to benefit fully and enjoy the school’s programmes. Legally, health matters are the only acceptable reasons for absence. If your child is absent for other reasons please discuss this with your child’s teacher or the Principal.

The four methods to inform the school about the absence of your child:

A written signed note.
A personal visit.
A telephone conversation.
A text message. Please contact the school office for the mobile number.
If you collect or drop off your child at any time between 9am and 3pm, please go to the school office before the child’s class.

All visitors to the school must sign in and out at the office.

If you take your child out of school for any reason during the day (e.g. appointments, lunch) the must be signed out and back in.

Travelling To & From School

Every child’s safety is important to us so – Here are some suggestions:
The Police Traffic Department states that children under eight years old can not judge speed and distance sufficiently well to ride bicycles on public roads.

All children who ride bikes must wear helmets.

If a child walks or bikes to school have them travel with friends or brothers and sisters along a planned route. Parents need to discuss regularly with their child the dangers of accepting rides with people and deviating from this route.

All children who need to cross High Street should do so at the High Street Pedestrian Crossing. This crossing is monitored by patrollers between 8.30-8.50 am and 3.00-3.15 pm.
The school is served by two bus runs. If your child qualifies for bus transport (3.2 km from school for under 10 yrs and 4.8 km if over 10 years) then this matter should be discussed at enrolment.

All School Bus Safety rules apply to those who use school buses. Let the school know if your child is not using the bus. School buses depart from school at 3.10 pm each day.

Buses serve these two areas – Carrington (Belvedere) and Ahiaruhe (Ponatahi). Tranzit presently holds the contract for our school buses.

Please take advantage of the car park to pick up or drop off your children. Take care when driving at the school entrance. Try to avoid using Tyne St.